Armeria: The Low-Maintenance, Everlasting Flower for Your British Garden

Armeria, also known as thrift or sea pink, is a charming, low-maintenance flowering perennial that thrives in British gardens.

Here's why you'll love Armeria:

  • Beautiful blooms: Clusters of pink, purple, white, or red flowers adorn slender stems throughout the summer.
  • Everlasting appeal: Enjoy the dried flower heads long after the blooms fade, adding year-round interest to your borders.
  • Low-maintenance: Drought-tolerant and requiring minimal care, Armeria is perfect for busy gardeners.
  • Versatile: Plant it in beds, borders, rockeries, or use it as edging.
  • Salt tolerance: Thrives in coastal gardens due to its tolerance for salt spray.

Grow vibrant, long-lasting blooms in your garden with Armeria!

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