Vibrant Blooms & Long-Lasting Colour: Penstemon Plants, Including the Captivating 'Heavenly Blue'

Bring a burst of colour and captivating charm to your garden with our diverse selection of Penstemon plants! These low-maintenance perennials, including the popular 'Heavenly Blue' variety, boast vibrant, tubular flowers throughout summer and autumn, adding pollinator-friendly blooms and architectural interest to your borders and beds.

Embrace the magic of Penstemon:

  • Long-lasting colour: Enjoy weeks of blooms from early summer right through to late autumn, extending your season of vibrant beauty.
  • Low-maintenance marvels: Thrive with minimal care, requiring only occasional watering and deadheading.
  • Diverse selection: Explore a variety of colours, shapes, and heights to suit your garden design and preferences.
  • Drought-tolerant delights: Ideal for hot, sunny spots and water-wise gardens.
  • Attracts pollinators: Delicate blooms draw in bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies, buzzing with life and colour.

Discover the captivating charm of 'Heavenly Blue' Penstemon:

  • Stunning blue blooms: Boasts clusters of vibrant sky-blue flowers with contrasting white throats, creating a mesmerizing display in your garden.
  • Compact and bushy: Ideal for borders, containers, or smaller gardens, reaching a manageable height of around 60cm.
  • Repeat flowering: Enjoys producing flushes of blooms throughout the summer and autumn, ensuring a continuous show of colour.

We also offer a wide variety of other Penstemon plants:

  • Colourful spectrum: Explore varieties showcasing blooms in shades of pink, red, purple, white, and even bicolours, adding a vibrant touch to your garden.
  • Compact to tall options: Choose from varieties like the short-growing 'Heavenly Blue' or taller options perfect for the back of the border.
  • Upright or spreading habits: Select from upright varieties for a structured look or spreading forms ideal for creating groundcover.

Planting Penstemon is easy! We provide detailed care guides to ensure your chosen varieties flourish in their sunny, well-drained spots.

Don't wait to experience the captivating beauty and long-lasting blooms of Penstemon! Order your plants, including the stunning 'Heavenly Blue' variety, today and add a touch of vibrant colour, architectural interest, and a haven for pollinators to your garden.

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