Enchanting Evergreens & Summer Stars: Lysimachia for Year-Round Interest

Bring enduring beauty and captivating blooms to your garden with the diverse charm of Lysimachia plants! These versatile gems offer a range of evergreen and deciduous options, showcasing stunning summer flowers and lush foliage that adds interest throughout the year.

Embrace the magic of Lysimachia:

  • Evergreen appeal: Certain varieties boast lush, green foliage year-round, providing structure and colour even in winter.
  • Summer showstoppers: Deciduous varieties erupt in a vibrant display of star-shaped or bell-shaped blooms in summer, adding a touch of cheer to your garden.
  • Low-maintenance marvels: Thrive with minimal care, making them ideal for busy gardeners.
  • Adaptable to various conditions: Tolerate a range of soil types and light levels, offering versatility for different garden areas.
  • Attracts pollinators: Delicate blooms draw in bees and butterflies, buzzing with life and colour.

Discover the perfect Lysimachia for your garden:

  • Evergreen options: Explore varieties like 'Lysimachia japonica' (Creeping Jenny) for its vibrant green foliage that spills over borders and containers.

Planting Lysimachia is easy! We provide detailed care guides to ensure your chosen varieties flourish in their preferred locations.

Don't wait to experience the year-round charm of Lysimachia! Order your plants today and enjoy the beauty of evergreen foliage, captivating summer blooms, and a low-maintenance addition to your garden that attracts vital pollinators.

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