Dazzling Sun-Loving Gazania: Bring Brightness & Low Maintenance to Your Garden.

Add vibrant colour and effortless beauty to your garden with our stunning Gazania plants. These low-maintenance summer bloomers are perfect for UK gardens, thriving in sunny conditions and offering months of dazzling blooms.

Here's what you'll love about Gazania:

  • Vibrant daisy-like flowers in a range of colours, including yellow, orange, red, pink, and white.
  • Long flowering season: Enjoy blooms from early summer right through to autumn.
  • Drought-tolerant: Requires minimal watering, making it ideal for hot, dry summers.
  • Low maintenance: Easy to care for and doesn't require deadheading.
  • Perfect for: Beds, borders, containers, and rockeries.

Bring effortless sunshine and colour to your garden with Gazania!

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