Undeniable Charm & Abundant Blooms: Lavatera Shrubs for Colour & Texture

Bring timeless elegance and captivating blooms to your garden with the captivating charm of Lavatera shrubs! These versatile beauties, including the popular 'Barnsley Baby' and 'Bredon Springs' varieties, offer a profusion of funnel-shaped flowers throughout summer, adding vibrancy, texture, and structure to your garden design.

Embrace the magic of Lavatera:

  • Long-lasting colour: Enjoy weeks of blooms from early summer right through to late autumn, extending your season of enjoyment.
  • Low-maintenance marvels: Thrive with minimal care, requiring only occasional watering and light pruning.
  • Versatile options: Choose from varieties like the compact 'Barnsley Baby' or the taller 'Bredon Springs' to suit your garden's space and design needs.
  • Drought-tolerant delights: Ideal for hot, sunny spots and water-wise gardens.
  • Attracts pollinators: Delicate blooms draw in bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects, buzzing with life and colour.

Discover the perfect Lavatera for your garden:

  • 'Barnsley Baby': This compact gem, reaching a height of around 60cm, boasts elegant pale pink-white flowers with red-pink centres, ideal for borders, containers, or smaller gardens.
  • 'Bredon Springs': A taller option, reaching up to 1.2m, displays an abundance of stunning white blooms with a soft pink blush, creating a captivating focal point in borders or shrubberies.

We also offer a diverse selection of other Lavatera varieties:

  • Vibrant shades: Explore varieties showcasing blooms in shades of pink, purple, and even magenta, adding a burst of colour to your garden.
  • Shrubby or climbing options: Choose from upright shrubs like 'Barnsley Baby' or explore climbing varieties perfect for walls, fences, or trellises.

Planting Lavatera is easy! We provide detailed care guides to ensure your chosen varieties flourish in their sunny, well-drained spots.

Don't wait to experience the captivating charm and long-lasting beauty of Lavatera! Order your shrubs, including the delightful 'Barnsley Baby' and the impressive 'Bredon Springs', today and add a touch of elegance, texture, and pollinator-friendly colour to your garden.

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