Pepper and Chillies

Pepper and Chillies

Grow Fresh Flavour from Seedling to Supper: Pepper Plug Plants

Embrace the rewarding experience of growing your own peppers! Our selection of pepper plug plants offers a variety of options, from the sweet and versatile sweet peppers and bell peppers to the fiery kick of hot peppers, allowing you to cultivate fresh, delicious peppers right in your UK garden.

Embrace the magic of growing your own peppers:

  • Freshness at your fingertips: Enjoy the unmatched flavour and satisfaction of homegrown peppers, adding a touch of garden-fresh goodness to your meals.
  • Variety for every taste: Choose from sweet peppers and bell peppers in a range of colours and flavours, or explore the diverse world of hot peppers, adding a touch of spice to your culinary creations.
  • Start strong with plug plants: Get a head start on the season with established plug plants, allowing you to enjoy homegrown peppers sooner than starting from seed.
  • Well-suited to the UK climate: Many varieties thrive in the UK climate, offering success for beginner and experienced gardeners alike.
  • Rewarding for the whole family: Get everyone involved in the fun and educational experience of growing your own food.

Discover the perfect pepper for your UK garden:

Sweet & Bell Peppers:

  • 'Snack variety': This popular variety produces Small, bright peppers with a sweet and juicy flavour, perfect for salads, stir-fries, and roasting.
  • 'Redskin': This vibrant option boasts large, Red peppers with a mild, sweet flavour, ideal for stuffing, adding colour to dishes, and enjoying raw.

Hot Chilli Peppers:

  • 'Scotch Bonnet': This classic hot pepper offers a high heat level, ideal for adding a kick to salsas, sauces, and various dishes.
  • 'Basket of Fire': This fiery variety packs a punch, perfect for experienced spice lovers and adding heat to marinades, hot sauces, and stews.

We offer a wider selection of pepper plug plants beyond the listed examples, including:

  • A spectrum of colours: Explore sweet and bell peppers in various shades like red, yellow, orange, and even purple, adding visual diversity to your garden and plate.
  • Early and late maturing options: Choose varieties suited to your desired harvest time and extend the season of fresh peppers.
  • Compact and large varieties: Find pepper plants perfect for various spaces, from growing in containers on your patio to adding height and colour to your vegetable patch.

Planting pepper plug plants is easy! We provide detailed care guides specifically tailored for UK gardeners, ensuring your chosen varieties flourish in warm, sunny locations and well-drained soil.

Don't wait to experience the rewarding journey of growing your own peppers! Order your plug plants today and add a touch of fresh flavour, culinary versatility, and the satisfaction of homegrown produce to your UK garden.

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