Osteospermum: The Easy-Care, Sun-Loving Flowers for Your Garden

Osteospermuns, also known as Cape Daisies, are vibrant, low-maintenance flowering plants perfect for adding colour and cheer to your garden.

Blooming throughout summer and into autumn, these daisy-like flowers come in a captivating array of colours, including pinks, purples, yellows, oranges, and whites.

Here's why you'll love Osteospermums:

  • Thrive in full sun: Ideal for sunny borders, beds, and containers.
  • Low maintenance: Drought-tolerant and require minimal watering once established.
  • Long-lasting blooms: Enjoy a continuous display of colour from June to October.
  • Easy to grow: Perfect for both seasoned gardeners and beginners.
  • Attractive to pollinators: Bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects love their cheerful blooms.

With their diverse colour range and easy-going nature, Osteospermums are a must-have for any garden.

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