Bellflowers (Campanula): Delicate Chimes for Your UK Garden

Campanula, commonly known as bellflowers, are charming perennials prized for their elegant, bell-shaped blooms and ease of care. These delightful plants grace gardens throughout the UK with their:

  • Captivating blooms: Available in a delightful array of colours, from classic blue and lavender to vibrant pink and white, campanulas add a touch of whimsical beauty to borders, beds, and containers.
  • Long flowering season: Enjoy a continuous display of blooms from early summer to autumn, with many varieties offering repeat flowering throughout the season.
  • Low maintenance: Renowned for their easygoing nature, campanulas thrive in well-drained soil with moderate watering and require minimal fuss, making them perfect for busy gardeners.
  • Versatility: These adaptable plants flourish in various locations, including sunny borders, shaded areas, and rockeries, bringing a touch of elegance to any corner of your garden.

At Growtanical, we offer a curated selection of campanula varieties, ensuring you find the perfect blooms to complement your garden style. Browse our collection today and bring the delicate chimes of bellflowers to your UK garden!

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