Impatiens: Vibrant Shade Lovers for Your Garden

Impatiens are beloved summer flowering plants, renowned for their cascading blooms and thriving in shady areas. Perfect for adding a touch of colour to your beds, borders, containers, and hanging baskets, impatiens come in a dazzling array of colours, including pinks, purples, reds, oranges, and whites.

Here's why you'll love impatiens:

  • Low-maintenance: Impatiens are easy to care for, requiring minimal watering and feeding.
  • Long-lasting blooms: Enjoy vibrant flowers throughout the summer, from late spring right up until the first frosts.
  • Shade tolerance: Unlike many flowering plants, impatiens flourish in shady areas, making them ideal for brightening up north-facing gardens, under trees, and other shaded spots.
  • Versatility: Plant them anywhere, from pots and hanging baskets to creating stunning borders and adding pops of colour to shady areas.

Bring life to your shady spaces with our wide selection of impatiens plants. Browse our collection and find the perfect variety to add a touch of vibrancy to your garden!

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