Towering Treasures: Majestic Hollyhocks for Your Garden

Elevate your garden with the captivating presence of hollyhocks! These stately biennials boast towering spikes adorned with large, vibrant blooms in a kaleidoscope of colours, adding a touch of grandeur and architectural interest to borders, beds, and cottage gardens.

Embrace the magic of hollyhocks:

  • Stately presence: Tall flower spikes make a bold statement, adding vertical interest to your garden.
  • Long-lasting colour: Enjoy weeks of blooms from early summer to late autumn.
  • Low-maintenance marvels: Thrive with minimal care, perfect for busy gardeners.
  • Self-seeding wonders: Can add a touch of magic by naturalising in suitable areas.
  • Bee-loved beauties: Attract buzzing bees and butterflies, bringing life to your garden.

Explore our captivating hollyhock collection:

  • Classic colours: From regal purples and fiery reds to calming pinks and delicate whites, find the perfect shade to complement your garden scheme.
  • Double-flowered delights: Boast extra-full blooms for an even more impressive display.
  • Bee-friendly varieties: Specifically chosen to attract and support essential pollinators.
  • Dwarf varieties: Ideal for smaller gardens or adding height to container displays.

Planting hollyhocks is easy! We provide detailed care guides to ensure your chosen varieties thrive in their sunny or partially shaded spots.

Don't wait to be mesmerised by the majestic beauty of hollyhocks! Order your plants today and add a touch of enchanting colour, architectural drama, and pollinator-friendly charm to your garden.

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