Gypsophila: The delicate and airy addition to your garden

Gypsophila, also known as baby's breath or mist flower, is a charming and versatile flowering plant prized for its delicate, cloud-like blooms and airy texture. Native to Eurasia, this cottage garden favourite adds a touch of elegance and romance to any planting scheme.

Here's what makes Gypsophila a must-have in your UK garden:

  • Delicate beauty: Featuring a profusion of tiny white flowers, Gypsophila creates a soft, ethereal effect, adding a touch of whimsical charm to borders, beds, and container displays.
  • Long-lasting blooms: Enjoy an extended flowering season from early summer to late autumn, with blooms that dry beautifully for long-lasting arrangements.
  • Versatility: This low-maintenance plant thrives in full sun and well-drained soil, making it a perfect choice for borders, rockeries, and containers. It also acts as an excellent cut flower for bouquets and floral arrangements, adding a romantic, textural element.
  • Attracts pollinators: Gypsophila's delicate blooms and sweet fragrance attract butterflies, bees, and other beneficial insects, promoting a healthy ecosystem in your garden.

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