Professional Grade Potting Compost



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Growtanical's professional quality compost.

  • 10L of quality potting compost is  more than enough to plant on 30 x 9cm pots, or 2 x 5L pot.
  • Growtanicals quality compost contains a wetting agent, balanced fertiliser(no need to feed your plants for 6 weeks) and stable ph for 6 month
One of the most important factors in growing young plants is good potting compost. But this is often overlooked largely due to the lack of availability in general. The compost available in most garden centers is at best unreliable.
We have used it in the past and found that some plants just don't take to it at all, others have died. Generally they don't have the ability to hold moisture or fertiliser very well resulting in twice a day watering and hungry plants that are weeks behind other plants grown in the profesional grade compost.
We have decided to make available the compost that we use to our customers to give the baby plants the very best start in life. It is suitable for bedding plants, perennials, shrubs, fruits and vegetables, but not ericaceous plants such as rhododendrons, camellias and Azalea.


We charge a flat £4.99 for delivery to addresses in the UK. Please contact us if you have any questions.